Are your products baffles?

Yes, they are baffles and have received a Utility Patent from the United States Patent Office for an exhaust baffle, patent # 6,848,252.

Do I need to run a baffle?

We do not recommend running without a baffle due to the large loss in both torque and the mid-range power band where most folks do 98% of their riding.

Are your baffles compatible with torque cones?

Yes, however we have not found any noticeable loss or gain using torque cones.

I have read that people love the sound of your Thunder Monster Baffles. Some definitely noticed an increase in power while others say it remained the same. Why?

Actually they should all experience an increase in performance with each installation. The issue is some folks do not install the Thunder Monster baffles in the proper location as explained in their directions. Another important point is, some folks are not willing to rejet or remap their bikes when a fine tuning step would provide excellent results. In a properly tuned and equipped motorcycle our products are a bolt in application, however as with any performance product if a fine tuning step is required it is absolutely necessary for that step to be taken. Anything less will always produce inferior results.

As a footnote: It would not be reasonable to expect our product to overcome a poor combination of equipment, ie: cam selection, head work, improper jetting/mapping, etc.

Can I purchase 1 baffle rather than a pair?

Yes, you can order single baffles, they are listed as a "single".

Once I order my product, how long until it arrives?

Our standard shipping is USPS, and will ship from Concord, NC. Products generally ship the day you order, provided you order by 11:00 am Eastern Time.  You will receive your package within 5-7 days in the continental US.

How easy are your products to install?

If you have an existing hole in your pipe for a baffle and it is in the proper location it will take approximately 5 – 10 minutes. If you do not have an existing hole or it is not in the proper location, allow for the time it would require to drill a ¼” hole in each pipe.

How do I know which Thunder Monster baffle to order?

Measure the inside and outside diameter of your pipes at the exit end and also the outside diameter of your baffle at its end. DO NOT MEASURE YOUR HEAT SHIELDS. If you have gutted your mufflers or removed your stock baffles call and ask for a tech person. (Diameter: The distance across a circle.)

Will your products sound better and outperform cut down baffles?

Yes, our products produce a deep,clear, throaty, hot rod/hot bike sound and will outperform a cut down baffle. Cutting a baffle is diminishing the performance of its intended design. Normally cutting a baffle decreases the performance and while it will make a louder sound, it will not produce the “quality” sound you were expecting.

Will it be necessary to rejet my carburetor or remap my Fuel Injection?

Provided your bike is properly jetted or mapped at the time of installation for a free flowing exhaust, our products should be a bolt in application, however due to the variables in carbs, injection, cams, set ups, tuning, etc. No performance product is an absolute bolt in 100% of the time.

Will your products improve the performance of my straight/open or unbaffled pipes and specifically help eliminate the “flat" spot: or hesitation without losing a good sound?

Yes, our products will improve the overall performance of your unbaffled straight pipes and still maintain an outstanding quality sound. Any responsible tuner should inform you that it is literally impossible to tune a bike with straight unbaffled pipes for the various rpm ranges we encounter during normal riding. It is an absolute engineering fact that straight unbaffled pipes cannot bring out all the potential performance from your engine in the various rpm ranges we encounter during normal riding. Under wide open throttle unbaffled pipes, or pipes without tuning devices are acceptable and can be tuned for that one specific rpm, that’s why they are called drag pipes. Actually, open pipes can have a negative long term effect on an engine that is primarily used for street riding.

What do Thunder Monster baffles do that the standard baffle don’t do?

In a properly jetted/mapped bike our line of products are designed to provide you with the proper amount of back pressure, enhance flow dynamics and help deal with reversion waves during cam overlap for overall improved performance. They additionally deliver a deep, throaty, crisp, hot rod/hot bike sound.

Can your products be used with stock factory exhaust systems?

Yes, in some applications. If you have a stock exhaust system and have gutted your muffler or have a removable baffle please call and ask for our tech people. They will explain a possible alternative solution.

Can I order custom made baffles?

No, unfortunately we do not offer custom made baffles at this time.

How do I install the Milwaukee 8 baffle?

Check out this video.