Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About Big City Thunder!

"I put Thunder Monsters in after riding with a friend who had installed a set. I wouldn't sell them back at twice the price."

David Phillips
Detective, Charlotte Police Dept.
Charlotte, NC

"My son and I purchased after market mufflers for our Road King Classics. We were EXTREMELY disappointed with the performance. Upon installing the Thunder Monster baffles we got both the sound and power as your ad stated. We have been recommending your product to other bikers. Vendors like you are heaven sent for bikers looking for products that deliver what they promise without costing an arm and a leg. Thanks for a job well done."

Howard Joyner, Sr & Michael Joyner
Richmond Heights, OH

"Thank you Big City Thunder!! I received the baffles for my Screamin' Eagle Street Performance Slip On Mufflers and they fit perfectly!! Very easy installation and they sound GREAT!! On my "test drive" following installation, I couldn''t help but notice several heads turning in my direction as I cruised by. Thanks again for the awesome product and excellent personal attention prior to purchase. By the way, the T-shirt is pretty cool too!!"

Tom Kuehn
Lees Summit, MO

"I now have 80,000 miles riding with my Thunder Monsters. It's been 5 years and it never ceases to amaze me the difference your product has made in my bike. The sound and the improved midrange performance is what makes the ride exciting for me. Without a doubt it is the best money I have spent."

Ken Willis
Rock Hill, SC

"I called last week and purchased the head pipe installation baffles for my '08 Softail Custom and installed them at the exit end of my head pipes. All in all it took about 20 minutes each, counting drilling time. Super easy install.

Prior to calling Big City Thunder I had cut the ramp out of my original baffles which simply produced a loud sound and diminished my performance.

After calling Big City Thunder and ordering the Thunder Monster baffles for a head pipe installation I installed the Thunder Monster baffles along with my modified original baffles. The sound was really good. I then took my old baffles completely out leaving just the Thunder Monster baffles installed. Wow! I couldn't be more pleased both with the sound and the performance. My take offs and midrange are wonderful. I'm blown away.

While the Thunder Monster baffles look simple, their sound and performance says otherwise.
Thanks for such an easy and workable solution to sound and performance. It saved me a ton of money by not having to purchase a set of expensive pipes. These baffles really do work. I will pass this info on to everyone!"

Charles Peters
Upland, IN
Harley Davidson

"Just thought I would send you a quick e-mail to say a big thank you for the baffles. They came in the post in a couple of days. I installed them last weekend - a simple job and the sound and added performance to my bike is excellent.

Once again - many thanks - great product and delivers exactly what they say they will. The bike now sounds like what I always expected a true Harley should sound like."

Andy Deacon
Berkshire, England

"I just installed your Thunder Monster Baffles in my '06 Softail Deluxe w/Screaming Eagle 16 Gauge pipes. I FINALLY have the sound I've been looking for! GREAT PRODUCT! Send me some business cards and I'll pass them out to everyone who says "hey.great sound". Thanks for all your help."

Woody Kaplan
Randolph, VT

"I received a pair of Thunder Monster Baffles Part # 2001 today. It took minutes to install and I was stunned!! Whoa is all I can say! I have built/re-built 40 bikes of all types in my 53 years and must say, out of all the upgrades I have ever added, your Thunder Monsters are the best upgrade period. Fast install and incredible sound and performance. Made those Cobra slip on drag pipes sing! Thanks"

Rock Scarfone
Suwannee, GA

"I just finished the installation of the Big City Thunder Monster (part # 2003) into the head pipes of my 2007 FLHRC.

Awesome doesn't even come close to describing what I now hear. This is the sound I had in mind ever since I took delivery- with the increased midrange torque we all see and love. There is absolutely no throttle lag or hesitation. The response is immediate and strong. I have tried several different combinations of headers and mufflers and have now hit the mother load."

Scotty Dudley
Colonel USMC (Retired)
Beaufort, SC

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I am amazed at the results of adding a set of your baffles to my Yamaha Road Star..sounds better than ever and increased the performance just like you said it would!

Best money I ever spent!!"

Tony Coleman
Tifton, GA

"I installed the new Thunder Monster baffles in my Screamin' Eagle II Mufflers after running a month without any baffles. Holy Cow!!! What a difference!! First thing I noticed was the AWESOME new throaty sound it made compared to no baffles. The peppiness and jump on the highway was great!!! I was hesitant due to the cost, but I am now very glad that I did. Thanks!"

Jody Dellinger
Arlington, WA

"I just installed a set of Thunder Monster baffles in my 2004 FXST (my second set.put some in a sporty 3 yrs. ago). Prior to doing so I had tweaked the bike by adding a Mikuni HSR42 Carb., high flow air cleaner and the Yost "power tube" for fuel efficiency. Everything was fine with my original baffles installed but my buddy (who I out weigh by about 25lbs.) rides a 2005 Dyna Wideglide that's always been a fair amount quicker than my bike. That is until this morning. I received my Thunder Monster Baffles and installed them before we went for a putt. Well, the first time we went through the gears together he could not stay up with me. (That's a first). It's incredible how much of a difference the Thunder Monsters made. I can't say enough about the performance and sound. I highly recommend the Thunder Monster Baffles to anyone who is looking for the final ingredient. Perfect.
Thank you so much"

Ken Garwick "Fireman"
Austin, TX

"I have two dyno sheets where last year at this time I ran your Thunder Monster baffles.
This year I thought I would take them out and see what difference it made. I lost 20 ft. pounds between 2,000-3,000rpm. Made a believer out of me."

Michael Wooten
Great Falls, VA

"Okay-I bought the Thunder Monsters and I'm baffled (no pun intended). When I first opened the box I looked at these things and my first thought was what a rip off! This is a piece of pipe with a wire lug welded to it, junk! Well misgivings aside I installed them anyway in my Rinehart True Duals. I took it for a short ride around the neighborhood, my initial thoughts were they made a bit of a difference but nothing to brag about. Well yesterday was the true test. My wife and I went for an afternoon ride and low and behold there was a difference, not where or how I expected it, but it was noticeably there. Prior to the install going up and down hills required a downshift and a roll on the throttle that eventually got you up the hill. Now just simply rolling on the throttle pulls us up the little hills like no tomorrow. Also getting on the highway was never easier on this bike. Roll on the throttle and off you go, up to highway speed well before you get to the end of the exit ramp. Even at 80 mph rolling on the throttle gave me quite the response to pass trucks, cars and what not. I really can say that first impressions make me think I got taken, but end result, it made the Roadking perform much better than I originally expected it to."

Mike Pawlowski
Lorain, OH

"Just installed your baffles on my Big Dog with V&H Big Radius pipes and the bike now sounds the way it should have all along. Deep and loud. Thanks for developing these baffles. Going to the Lone Star Rally next week and will be sure to tell all my Bros all about them."

Mile Pollock
League City, TX
Big Dog

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a fine product you have. I put a set of these baffles in my Samson Slashers that are on my 2000 Roadstar. This bike is even better than before, lots of midrange torque just like you said. And the simplicity is genius. Being a mechanic I can sure appreciate that. Like the other fellow said, I wouldn't sell them back for twice the price. "

Ed Goodman
Johnson City, TN

"I installed your Thunder Monster baffles in my V&H exhaust system on my '07 Street Bob. The sound and power was just what I was I was looking for. Very few products do what they claim. Yours does. Thanks."

Larry Juno
Mercerville, NJ

"Just wanted to say thank you. I purchased part # 2002 for the Cobra pipes on my Suzuki LC1500. You have a great product, easy to install and exceptional performance out of the bike. Thanks Again!"

Simon Miranda
Miramar, FL

"My uncle Ray Morford from Victorville, California, got his Thunder Monster baffles in and they sounded great on his Honda. So I ordered some for my Harley. WOW!!! I can't thank you enough, or him for telling me about them!!! What a mean hotrod sound from my Vance & Hines Big Radius pipes! I love 'em! THANKS. Word of mouth goes a loooong way. You can bet I'll let all my Harley riding friends know about Big City Thunder also!! Thanks again"

David Gibbs
Adelanto, CA

"When I received my order I looked at those things and was a little more than skeptical! Installed them 6" into the pipe, as your tech suggested. Put it all back together in less than an hour. took her out for a test run and was truly amazed at not only the sound quality but as stated it actually has made a noticeable change in the performance of my Superglide.don't know how that seemingly simple looking product does what it does? My hat goes off to you Big City Thunder! I'll be sure to tell all my bike riding friends about this!"

Rick McSwain
Watsontown, PA
Harley Davidson

"I ride a 2003 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior 1700 and I just installed your Monster baffles into my Samson Street Sweepers straight pipes.

The baffles are amazing.

Your company is part of a small fraternity of companies that are doing everything right. The baffles work exactly as advertised. I got a huge boost in torque and I didn't loose the amazing straight pipe rumble I had before.
You also have great customer service. I highly recommend these baffles to anyone running straight pipes that wants to get back the torque they are missing, without compromising the sound."

Chris Gleeson
Urbana, IL
Yamaha Roadstar Warrior

"Guys you will never find me taking the time to write about anything. In this case I had no choice but to share my thoughts on your product. I own a 2004 Harley Dyna Low Rider with Python staggered duels. I took out the baffles to get more sound, however, the throttle response was not there after doing so. I heard about your product in American Iron magazine and though I would give them a try.
All I can say is wow. Holly Samoly. How can these baffles do that!!! The installation was extremely simple and the throttle responds without hesitation. The sound is great and your customer service is outstanding. I received my baffles in a few days and it took me about 30 minutes because I had to drill two new holes.

I "HIGHLY" recommend anyone who needs better sound and performance to get a pair for their bike. I have customized my bike with a lot of chrome. Now I wouldn't go without these baffles as a part of customizing any bike. The bike now not only looks good but performs better than ever! Again thanks a million for inventing your patented Step Flow, Anti-Reversion Technology. The great thing about your baffles is I can just ride the bike and don't have to understand all the technical stuff. They are the best!!!"

Vic Puentes
Springfield, VA

"I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome baffles for my 2006 Harley Low rider and Big Radius Vance and Hines pipes. Your Tech Support was greatly appreciated because I needed a little help. The tech guy was very helpful and again thanks."

Larry Dearman
White Castle, LA

"I just received my baffles for my 2003 Road King and they sound great. I just wanted to quiet my straight thru aftermarket mufflers down a bit so I could hear my stereo better. Also, the torque increase is unbelievable. I can't believe how much power I was loosing before. Thanks again for the timely delivery. I will be sure to wear the T-shirt and brag about my new sound."

John D. Cox
Pontiac, IL

"I just installed my Thunder Monster baffles on my Fat Boy. What a difference! I can feel the power. I mounted the Thunder Monster baffles into the pipe approximately 12" well over the 3" minimum you suggested. I have been an automotive service tech for over 30 years and have raced almost everything with an engine. I never expected this much of a change from an investment under $100."

Mark Briggs
Rockford, IA
Harley Davidson

"I bought a set of Thunder Monster baffles for my V&H Big Radius, followed the instructions and all I have to say is WOW! I love the sound, throttle response is right there, and I love the mid range boost!! I have a couple of friends now who are ordering them."

Trevor Minor
Waymart, PA